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Globe Telecom said it is providing its over 36 million subscribers free access to Facebook for an initial period of three (3) months.

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The Threefold Ministry of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy — Last Part

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By: Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy
The Mountain of Revelations
You want to go to that mountain of revelations where the Father is, which was once guarded by deception? and you have to go through Lucifer, and he had a lot of magic tricks in his book. You won’t be able to come to the summit right away.

The Begotten Son said, “I will do it.” So He came down. The Word of God came and became flesh. Satan would take no less than His life. So He paid the price on the cross. He became the sacrifice. He died. When He died, He said, “It is finished.” What was finished was His redemption work. What was His redemption work? It was to take back the Sonship and the Kingship. At His death on the cross—Christians don’t know this—the Sonship and the Kingship were no longer in the hands of Satan; it was already in the hands of Jesus Christ. But Satan can still deceive. He still can shadow box in the mountain of revelations, deceive the people and let us believe that he is powerful. This is what he did to Christianity.

Listen to every Christian testimony. They have 90% of the devil in their testimonies and 10% only of the victory they would receive from God. They would testify one morning, on a Sunday service and say, “You know, I can barely come up and testify before you because all week long, the devil was after us. He went and destroyed our automobile. He went and destroyed our bank book. We have no money today because of the devil. Thank God that today, I survived the onslaught of Lucifer!”

It was always the devil that was glorified. And the devil was laughing for though he had no more power, you were empowering him because you didn’t know! Not in the Kingdom, because here, we know!

The Begotten Son in the Jewish setting paid the price! Now, the problem is: the mission of the Son was not only to take back the Sonship and the Kingship, but to give it back to the rightful heir. Now, when He is able to give it back successfully to the rightful heir, the Father’s work of salvation will be completed.

Who among the descendants of the fallen Adamic race would be worthy to take the Sonship and the Kingship? Many have presented themselves, saying,“I will create my own religion, and I will be the most righteous, I am the heir!”

One religion after another came out. You know, the opportunity was given to them but they did not take it. The greatest opportunity to be the heir was given to the Jewish nation, because they were called by God. They did not call upon God. God called upon them through Abraham. And He started to give all of them the covenants and the words, so that salvation may be completed in them. Once completed, the spirit of the Father can dwell in them, in His house, which is the human being He created– free of the serpent seed.

But they stopped halfway there. They liked the temple Solomon built so much because it was inlaid with gold. They did not know that it was just the Father’s temporary residence.

The Father could not live in man if he is not yet finished, so He had a temporary residence. He lived in the Holy of Holiest. But that was just a temporary arrangement. However, the Jewish nation loved the temple so much that they could not let go of it.

Until He came and told them that He was going to phase out all of these and that not one stone that was put another stone shall not go down.

The Jewish Age was phased out. Another body was called, not from the Jews, but from the gentiles. There came Christianity. When you borrow the eyes of the Father, He does not see our religious, racial, cultural or intellectual divisions. He does not see our social division, whether we are rich or poor. Nothing of that. When He looks at all of us, He sees us as descendants of the fallen Adamic race, just man and woman. We are all infected with the serpent seed in His sight. Billions of people will face God in judgment one day and He will look upon them like that. So don’t tell Him about your race. Don’t tell Him, “I you are infected with the serpent seed, you are still a child of the devil. There are only two races here: children of God and children of the devil. God is a spirit and He sees what is inside.

According to Romans 1:17, the Father has revealed, “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith.” He revealed His righteousness from faith to faith. He would call people.

That’s why there are so many factions in Christianity, there are Catholics, there are Protestants, there are Pentecostals, there are Charismatics, there are Mormons, there are the Iglesia [Ni Kristo], there are Jehovah’s Witnesses. All of these received a portion of the revelation. But just like the Jewish people, their mistake was that they stopped somewhere. They did not continue. The first faction got so happy with their little revelation; they were content with where they were. So there’s no difference between them and the Jewish people.

The Father had to leave and go to another dimension in the spirit. This is how religion and denomination in Christianity came about. If you stop where you are without completing it, you become another religion or denomination. And after that, you would become a self-presented relic to the Almighty Father. After you become a religion, you would try to do something and then present it to God. That’s not the way worship is. He will not accept that. Because He calls a people, and then make them unto His own image so that they can be presentable to Him.

In Korea, the Father told me, “I am going to use you.” An audible voice. I didn’t know why He was going to use me; but I followed His voice. In one of my messages, I spoke of ‘following the lion’. ‘Where is the lion now?’

He was in Israel before, so people would go there and make a pilgrimage to Israel and would cry at the site of Calvary. They would faint, cry and tremble – I was there watching them. I asked them, “Why do you cry? Why do you tremble?” One answered me, “Because He was crucified.” Then I asked him, “Where is He now?” “I don’t know,” he replied. I said, “I did not come to see where He was, I came to see where He is.”

I heard His voice in Korea, and He told me, “I will use you” three times. It was the Lion speaking. The one I was looking was the one speaking. So I accepted that revelation. If I had stopped there, I could have made those three words a religion. My religion would have been ‘Gamiton Ta Ka’. But I did not stop. I followed the voice of the lion. I came back to the Philippines, I heard that voice again. He followed me and told me, “Follow me.” I followed Him.

The first mountain where He stopped was Kitbog. So Kitbog, one day, is going to be a great city. Why would it be a great city?Because we would always remember that the Appointed Son and the Lion were there; and remember the tremendous revelations I received in that place. It’s very historical.

But if you stop there, you will not be saved either. So the Lion stopped there and talked to me for one year. And I had to sit beside Him and listen to Him every boring day. When I was young, I could not stay inside the house for a minute. That’s how outgoing I was. I would go out, I would frolic all over the world – that’s my house. But He made me stay in one boring nipa hut everyday to listen to Him. After a year of revelations, I was transferred to another mountain.

You know why that was so significant? Because from the perspective of the Almighty Father, all of the descendants of the fallen Adamic race are all children of the devil. Within those five years, although I was already trained, I would remain a child of the devil if I will not pass the test. Because all of those years would have been wasted if I did not pass. The serpent seed would have come back running after me. He said, if one spirit leaves you, and you remain empty within, swept and cleansed inside, the devil that came out of you would come back with seven more demons. So if I did not pass Tamayong, I would have been swept away, and the devil would come back rushing at me and would say, “You were my former house, why are you getting away? See? Now, I will take hold of you, I will not let you go any longer. I’ll put seven more demons that are viler than me; and you would have no way of escape.” But I passed.

So it was significant when the Father said, “You are my Son.” That means, you are already free of the serpent seed and He’s never going to come back again. That means, I was going to be His residence. The six billion human beings on earth do not know this. I may sound presumptuous and arrogant with this claim, but the six billion human beings are only one in the sight of the Father. They are sinners and are all infected with the serpent seed. The Father cannot live in one of them because somebody is already living there.

When He said, “Now, You are My Son, you are My residence,” that meant He can live in man. His plan in the Garden of Eden, before the Fall was going to be accomplished.

We thank the Father that on that day, He said, “My Son…” I was made worthy not by myself, but by Him. I was made worthy to receive the inheritance – the Sonship and the Kingship.When you do that, a change happens within. A spiritual revolution happens within. The serpent seed is overthrown and you die. That’s why when you repent, you die. You die to that human will. You are reduced to zero, but don’t worry, because you’ll rise again. Another spirit will be given to you so that you will live again. But when you live again, you’ll live to do His will only. And I am your model.

I was transferred to Tamayong, so that the righteous seed that was within me could again be tried and then, go back to Adam and Eve’s state before the fall. The Father led me back to the Age of Innocence. I had the righteous seed. But it was still an infant within me. I took the place of Adam and Eve, and I had to be tempted. A serpent would come and tempt me and it would happen all over again. That is why I was there in the Garden of Eden, which is the Covenant Mountain and Prayer Center in Tamayong. He tempted me. He tried to dislodge and weaken me like my first parents, Adam and Eve – with a soft voice, with a cruel voice, with a threatening voice, with everything to distract me from surrendering to the will of the Father. I surrendered before Him. I ate bananas for five years.

It’s only good to eat bananas with your breakfast in the morning, with ham, egg, bacon and coffee. But when you eat bananas all day- breakfast, lunch, supper, merienda, for five years, even the smell of banana would be like poison to you. But I did that in following the will of the Father. That is what’s going to happen to you. When you follow Him, you will lose everything.

After five years, I am healthier than the healthiest person on the face of the earth. No disease. Nothing. And then, the children of the serpent who are eating steak everyday, they look sickly. I said to him, “Look at your children! You maimed them with high cholesterol and hypertension.”

I passed the tests of hardship, of poverty, of threat, of losing everything just to follow Him. And the devil would say, “See, you would lose everything; even your relatives, even your brothers and sisters. Everyone around you!” Would you surrender? Just like Job, I said, “It is the Father who gave, it is the Father who will take away, praise be the name of the Almighty Father!

So, everybody was asking me, “Why do you call yourself the Appointed Son of God?” I said, “Don’t ask me, ask Him who sent me.” But if you want to read the fulfillment of my life, if you want to read that I have inherited everything, read Revelations 21:7, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things…” See? What did I overcome? I overcame the serpent seed. Many others wanted to go to heaven and become sons without overcoming anything. They cannot even overcome giving their tithes. And they want to go to heaven and become sons? They complain when it comes to tithe-giving. They cannot overcome! I overcame. It was my choice.

In my program, Give Us This Day, somebody asked me, “If God was powerful, why did He let Adam and Eve sin? Why didn’t He just intervene and give them power so they would not be able to sin?” I said, “That’s a good question. At least, you are trying to look at the creation of man with the freedom of choice.” I said, “If you were there in the Garden of Eden, what could you have done if you were tempted like Adam and Eve?” He said, “I will not eat of the fruit!” I said, “Too bad you were not there. If you were there, we would have no problem today, because your choice would be to follow.”

But our parents’ choice was to disobey. What can we do? We are here. But, as I said, salvation has come full circle, because I am back in the Garden of Eden. I took the place of my parents Adam and Eve, and I succeeded. So among all of you, children of the Father, I am the only one who did not stop in the middle of the revelations. I continued. I did not commit the mistake of those who went ahead of me. I was given the chance and the opportunity to follow the will of the Father no matter what! I overcame. That’s why He called me His Son. When He calls you His Son, you will inherit everything.

Jesus Christ’s death on the cross is not in vain because He had somebody whom He made worthy to receive the Sonship and the Kingship. These are now in my hands. If you want salvation, come to the Son – that’s where the Father is. After five years, the Lion told me, “Now, you can be My house. You can stop looking for the Lion for the Lion has already found a residence!” It’s inside of me. That is the Father and Son relationship. That is the cave and the lion. The cave is where the lion lives. Finally, among the descendants of the fallen Adamic race, one has come up to become a Son in whom the Father can dwell fully without thinking about anything else. Loyal, obedient, committed and dedicated to the will of the Father, no matter what. He says, “Not my will… my heart is fixed, my mind is made up.”

Back to the Age of Innocence
That’s why the Father and Son relationship is already here. It is already finished. The salvation works of the Father are already completed. Once He can dwell in the human being He created, then salvation has already been given and has come full circle. The Garden of Eden is finished. We are back in the Age of Innocence. I passed. I inherited everything. He has given me the Sonship and the Kingship.

If you want to see the Father, see me. Don’t see religion and denomination, you’ll be disappointed. The Lion is no longer there. They may say, “But we have His relics with us!” Those are just His relics. When you go to the cave of the lion, you can see some of his hair. But can the hair of the lion save you? I am looking for the lion, not the hair of the lion. “But this is the hair of the lion!” Microscopically, that’s the hair of the lion, but that will not bring you to heaven.

Some of my assistants keep my hair whenever I have a haircut. I asked them why. They said, “Because this is your hair, Pastor, we will keep it.” I said to them, do not keep my hair! Keep my words!” Let my words be written in your mind, and in your heart, and in your soul. Let the laws of the Father be written in our hearts and in our minds and in our soul. Keep them there!

That’s why the Son said, “I am the way, the truth and the life… (Jn. 14:6) So when you hear me speak, it’s not me that you hear, it’s the Father who lives in me. That’s the fulfillment of John 14:8. Philip was looking for the Father, and Jesus Christ said, “Have I not been so long with you Philip, yet you have not known me? He that has seen me has seen the Father.” (John 14:8).

Look at religion today; don’t they preach about Jesus Christ? “It’s Jesus Christ that we’re preaching about! It’s His Words that we are preaching!” When you ask them, “Where is He?” They would say, “We don’t know. He’s probably somewhere in heaven, and we are waiting for Him to come in the Rapture when He will break the heavens open and come with chariots of fire, with angels behind Him to scoop us back. We have been waiting for that since the year 2000.” They are preaching about somebody they have not known and they have not seen.

I am preaching about Someone whom I have met. And if you ask me where He is, I will tell you where He is. He lives in His Son. That’s why He made Davao City His New Jerusalem. This is the City which He has chosen for His Son. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that I was born at the foothills of Mt. Apo? We are from Pampanga and we didn’t know Mindanao. In fact, people in Pampanga were so ignorant about Mindanao at the time that when they hear that you’re going to Mindanao, they would ask you, “Are there stores in Mindanao? Do they have roads there? Do they have food there?” So why would my [physical] father come here and let me be born at the foothills of that mountain? Now you know why. He had a plan! And this plan is now fulfilled!

April 13, 2005, I went up to the summit of the mountain. And guess who I met there? Lucifer the powerless. I told him, “Hey, pack up! Your deception is over. I am taking over. I will be the King of the Father’s new creation! I will now deliver the people of God! As He has said, ‘Let My people go!’”

Follow me because this is where the Father is! You will be freed from the greatest bondage of all. It is a Luciferic, Satanic bondage of the serpent seed, which means obeying your will until you die and go to hell. You can be freed from that now. Come out, and let us have a feast in the wilderness. Let us have a feast, a thanksgiving worship presentation that is acceptable to the Almighty Father. End

The Threefold Ministry of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy — Part III

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By: Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy
The Mosaic Ministry
I remembered my Mosaic ministry, which was to get to that mountain and complete what the Father had set out for me to do and give it as a deliverance to all the people. All those who were with me know what I am talking about.

The devil tried to block us every step of the way. But the Father was with us as our guiding light, our pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night. And He led us through a way that we did not know before.

When it was dark, He became our light. When there was no food, He would supply the food. This was also the life of the Father’s prophets before. They uncovered everything for the people of God, so that they would be freed. They were persecuted. They were killed. Many made life very hard for them.

It is also the same with us in modern times. Many have called us by many names. I’ve been called many, many names. And the best name that they came up with was that I am a cult. The cult of Apollo. Do you know there’s a Cult of Apollo in Greek Mythology? But we are not talking here of Greek Mythology; we are talking here of spiritual reality.

I said, “You can call me all the names you want to, but I will not be distracted from my mission. My mission is still: let my people go. Lucifer, let God’s people go!” And Lucifer said, “No, I will keep this deception with them.”

But many don’t know what happened in Calvary. They think all that happened there was that He was crucified and died for them. As for me, I know—and many Christians don’t —that when Adam and Eve sinned, in them was implanted a seed that cannot be solved by human means, because it is a spiritual problem. It is a spiritual seed.

Christians do not know that there are seeds of the spirit implanted in our souls. They only know of physical seeds implanted in the womb of their wives, creating a physical life. After nine months it is born, bearing 36 of their chromosomes – 18 from the wife and 18 from the husband. All they know is the physical life; they don’t know the spiritual life – that spirits also have seeds. They don’t know that Lucifer the devil and the Almighty Father are also spirits and they have seeds.

And these seeds are words that have been planted in them. When you receive them, they become implanted into your soul. And they will create a spiritual life—either of obedience or disobedience. I know that because it was revealed to me and I am the only one preaching about it. You cannot hear it from any other preacher. This was what the devil was trying to cover up. He did not want anyone to know about this. But I would not be distracted.

I went in from one house of deception to another house, uncovering all of these truths that are the treasures of the Father, hi-jacked and taken by the enemy. He was a trustee in the house of the Father before, and then he tried to hide them from the people, feeding them with false impressions of religiosity and spirituality. But as I said, I would not be distracted. What I am revealing to you, as it was revealed to me, was not revealed to others; that’s why nobody knows about it. And nobody can preach about it like I do.

Nobody knew that sin cannot be solved by religion and denomination, and they kept on and on that they can do it. They can’t. That’s a spiritual problem. Only I knew that because I was tasked to do it. I was not distracted. I used my freedom of choice to follow the calling given to me by the Father. I knew what Jesus came for! I knew that when Adam and Eve were deceived, they lost the Sonship and the Kingship.

The Sonship is the relationship between you and the Father, who becomes your Father; He is the God of all. He became your Father. That’s the Sonship. Adam lost that and they lost dominion over the world that the Father had created for them. The world did not know that. Religion did not know that when Jesus Christ came, this was what He took upon Himself to redeem us from. He was a Redeemer. To redeem means to take back what we have lost. Why are we connected to this? Because Adam and Eve were our first physical parents.

Do you know that Adam and Eve were our first physical parents? That’s another deception of the devil. He tried to hi-jack and prostitute our intellectual being. He lured us into believing that we were wiser than God by saying that we did not come from God, but from the monkey. You know, if evolution were true, and we came from the monkey, there would have been no monkeys left today. All monkeys should have evolved.

There are still monkeys today. They still look like the monkeys millions of years ago. That’s another deception that has to be uncovered. This is another message that has to be delivered to the people without fear or favor. Nobody can preach about evolution like me, because others are afraid they will be ridiculed by the intellectuals. Because when you attack this, they would say you are not scientific. I believe in a creation science that says it was the Father who created us. Although the monkey has the closest resemblance to the human being, we did not come from them. We came from God. And nobody knew this.

Why would the Father take it upon Himself to get dust in His hands and form man and breathe into his nostrils the breath of life? Why didn’t He just speak us into existence, as He did His other creations? Why would He personally scoop dust from the earth and then form you with His own hands? Nobody knew why. The answer was that the human being that the Father had created is the house where He planned to live. So He gave you a soul. He gave you a life. He cannot live in something that has no life.

That’s why I ask those who pray to idols: why do you pray to a stone? Why do you pray to the wood that you have carved? One of my kababayans in Pampanga cut down a santol tree. He made a beautiful image out of that through his prowess in carving. He made a human- like face and torso. He let it stand, painted it, and then he bowed to it. What foolishness! See, that’s another deception!

That was formerly your santol tree. That santol tree would have been very useful if you didn’t cut it down because it can bear fruit for you and you can eat something from it. But now, the santol tree cannot do anything for you. It has hands, but it cannot help you. It has feet but it cannot walk. It has eyes but it cannot see. It has a mouth but it cannot talk. You only talk to it one way. It cannot talk back to you. That is not where God planned to live. If that is where you plan to live, you will become like that. He created us with His own hands because He planned to live in us. He created a big house: Adam.

But before He could live in him, another spirit came. His name is Lucifer. He was also a creation of the Father. But the creations of the Father—whether angels or human beings—have freedom of choice. Lucifer chose to become an enemy of God by rebelling against His will. So he became the devil. He became the adversary. He knew 1/3 of the secrets of heaven. He went ahead of God; and lived in us and implanted into Eve the seeds that came from him. I call it the serpent seed because of the serpent where Lucifer entered, which suddenly talked to Eve.

Have you seen a talking serpent? This was a rare breed of a serpent, because he can talk. You know, before Satan came to the serpent through the spirit, the serpent was one of the most beautiful creations in the Garden of Eden. He did not crawl, but stood upright. He was the most subtle of all beasts, which means he was the wisest of them all. That was where the devil entered. He talked to Eve through the serpent. That’s why I call it the serpent seed or Lucifer’s seed. The seeds of spirits are words. John 6:63 says, “It is the spirit that quickeneth. The words I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life.”

When the Words come from God, they will be deposited into your soul through your ears. Then through your understanding, they will come to your being. They will give you spirit and life. A spiritual life. But when the seeds of the serpent come to you, they also form a spiritual life. But it is a life of disobedience to the will of the Father. Why can people kill in a manner they are doing, like these extremists and terrorists, who kill with impunity and hate? You know what has been planted within them since they were young? The seeds of hatred were planted into their being. You know what Hitler planted into the minds and into the souls of his soldiers? He told them that the Jewish people were not human beings; that they were demons that came from outer space and inhabited the bodies of human beings and they were out there to destroy the Germans.

He planted the seeds of hatred into the hearts of his soldiers by deception. That’s why they killed six million Jews just like that. Because those were the seeds planted within them. Words are seeds planted within your soul. And those words will not die because a spirit will never die. Spirits go to heaven or hell. But they don’t die. It is very important that you listen to me because all of you have spirits. Now, another secret I’ll tell you is that when Adam and Eve fell, they lost the Sonship and the Kingship and all of their progeny were infected with the serpent seed, whether they liked it or not.

In the spirit, you are a child of the devil. You don’t know that. Christianity doesn’t know that. And human beings don’t know that. Some would say, “Oh I am beautiful! I don’t look like a daughter of the devil. I don’t look like the son of the devil. I am as good-looking as Brad Pitt.”

We’re not talking here of the outer garment which is your body or your face. We’re talking about the spirit inside that gives life to that body. Adolf Hitler believed that the Aryan race was the superior race and that nobody was more beautiful and more powerful than them. They looked at the mirror; they had the tallest of all noses. They had deep-set eyes. They looked as gods to themselves.

But we should not look at the outside; we must also look at the inside, because it’s the inside that gives life to that body. It is the spirit that gives life to that body. The kind of the spirit that is inside that body is the issue here. Nobody knows that. So when you’re born of the flesh after Adam and Eve, you are infected with the serpent seed. If you are not saved from that, you will go to hell whether you like it or not.

Very hard words? Yes. I might as well say them here before you die and face judgment. In judgment, you will hear harder words than what you are hearing here. There, you cannot complain anymore like, “I did miracles! I spoke in tongues! I prophesied!” The Father will say, “I don’t know you! Go there!” Matthew 7:21 says, “Not all that say unto me “Lord, Lord, shall…”

Now, all of these were uncovered. They are now called manna of revelations to all the people of the Father all over the world. You know why Jesus Christ, the Begotten Son in the Jewish setting came? He came as the Redeemer. He came to redeem, or to retrieve, or to take back from Lucifer what he had taken from our first parents, Adam and Eve. That was His mission. Was the Begotten Son distracted from His mission? He was fasting for 40 days and 40 nights when Lucifer, the great deceiver, came and said to the Begotten Son, “You’re hungry, turn these stones into bread.” He tempted Him like what he did to Adam and Eve, the first created son and daughter. But the Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God shall man live.” ( Matt 4:4)

Then he showed Him all the kingdoms of the world. He said unto Him, “Look at the glitter of the kingdoms of the world.” (Matt 4:8-9) Why did Lucifer brag of the kingdoms of the world? Why did he say that if Jesus Christ would bow down before him and that he would give Him all the powers of the world? It was because he was now the king. Adam lost his dominion when he disobeyed. Anyone that’s given a dominion is a king. It was now in the hands of Lucifer. That’s why he bragged to Jesus Christ about this. Jesus Christ, the Begotten Son, said, “It’s not me who should bow down before you. It should be you who should bow down before me.” to be continue

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The Threefold Ministry of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy Part II

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By: Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy
In the Face of Pharaoh
His message was for Pharaoh to free his people from Egyptian bondage and from the power that was enslaving them. In Exodus, you can see where he went back and where he had to show signs that he was really from God. He had to demonstrate the power of God in front of the pharaoh and his magicians, who would counter by demonstrating their mystical powers, like when Moses made a serpent out of his staff. The magicians of Pharaoh also did the same. They said to Moses, “You know Moses, we can do what you can do. You are not the only one who can do that!”

When Moses turned the staff into a snake, it did not surprise the magicians or the false prophets of the pharaoh. They did exactly the same, also turning their staffs into snakes. But a miracle also took place because Moses’ staff, which became a snake, ate all of the snakes the Egyptians made.

Many people in the world today only look at this ministry as just any ministry that they have seen before. They would say, “We can do what you are doing. We can also praise God like you. We can also have a thanksgiving and worship presentation like you. We also have ministers like you. We have much more beautiful buildings than yours. We also have a TV ministry like yours.” All of these can be imitated by the enemy.

But there is a message that is going forth to all people today that can no longer be blocked by the enemy. That is the Mosaic Ministry that was given to me when He called me and isolated me in two mountains for six years.

The Pharaoh of All Pharaohs
I am bringing a message to the world today. And I am not talking to a human being who is the king of the world. The Father has sent me to the greatest pharaoh of all pharaohs – Satan the adversary.

Where is he? He is sitting on the mountain of God holding all of those revelations and nobody can approach that mount of revelations unless they go through him. And if you are not sent by the Father and you try to grab the key that Lucifer the devil has in his hands, which he uses to deceive the people, you will be mincemeat for him. You will not succeed. He is more powerful than you.

But this ended when the Father gave me the Mosaic Ministry, and called me through a revelation, telling me, “I will send you to My people. You will talk to the one who by deception, is sitting upon that mountain as the king of the world. You have to go to the summit of that mountain and vanquish the enemy by telling him, ‘Let my people go!’” I started the trek 22 years ago. Today, the whole the world sees us on TV, on Sonshine Media Network International, on ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network—and they think that this ministry was like this from the very beginning. They can see our five-star air-conditioned buses ferrying workers from here and there.

They should have seen our first buses. The enemy blocked every financial blessing then because he was still powerful. He was still on the mountain. He was on the strategic offensive and we were always on the strategic defensive. We were always on the defense. He was always on the offense, because he was always on the vantage point of trying to destroy us. He was up there, we were down here.

The Mysteries Uncovered
But little by little, by faith, the Father gave us wisdom and understanding on how to throw out and defeat the enemy by not slacking and by not weakening. Step by step, along the way, the Father led us. He taught, guided, and shielded us. The Father protected us. Until all of the territories of darkness under the foot of the mountain started to crumble one by one. Because every time we come and conquer the territories of darkness and evil, the hidden blessings He has prepared for us emerge. Every problem that would arise would be confronted. And once it is confronted and solved, a seed of blessing is always sown in it. The unfolding of revelation after revelation —to give us wisdom on what the Father is about to do—is just like a chest of treasures discovered and uncovered within the territory of darkness.

One by one, we pieced together everything the devil had taken apart and made a mystery of. And we connected all of this to the revelations the Father had given to all of us. It is our map for the spiritual journey to the summit of that mountain.

We faced many spiritual battles. We faced the enemy as it threatened us, tried to cajole us and tried to lure us with a soft voice. We faced the enemy as it tried to distract us from the mission that the Father gave to His Appointed Son. But I would not be distracted by my relatives, friends, by powerful people, by weak people and by any other means.

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Was Pastor Apollo Quiboloy right all along?


By Jun Ledesma

PASTOR Apollo C. Quiboloy announcement of his preference for presidential and bets in :the 2010 elections was awaited with bated breath. This was not much of a surprise because ACQ can account for about 6-million votes, assuming they all participate in the polls. Even with half of that, it can swing a decisive number of votes and can make a candidate win. Remember that in the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo vs Fernando Poe Jr. race, the former snatched the Presidential derby from the action star, although this was later contested. Only the untimely demise of *FPJ quickly quieted down the controversy albeit “Hello Garci” haunted GMA all the way to her hospital detention.
The ACQ command votes therefore were indubitably significant.
When the reckoning finally came, Pastor Apollo declared that his choice was Gibo Teodoro. Gibo who is a not-so-distant cousin of the more popular Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III or P-noy was up against other candidates among them Manny Villar, Erap Estrada and Dick Gordon. Dick was “action agad”, Erap ay para sa masa, Villar was known for his “sipag at tiyaga”, Gibo was peddled for his “dunong” while Noynoy has “ama at ina”. Noynoy was pushed into the presidential derby following the emotional atmosphere brought about by the death of his mother Cory, the icon of democracy. Mar Roxas who was eyeing the presidency had to make a supreme sacrifice and slid down as LP’s vice presidential bet.  continue reading it here.